Computer Labs

Michigan Tech IT maintains 40 computing spaces across campus. These range from traditional settings—labs with desktop computers to wireless lounges for relaxing or studying between classes—to spaces designed specifically for equipped with workspaces, white boards, and LCD screens. In the Van Pelt and Opie Library, there are computers and printers available to students, faculty and staff on every floor; collaboration areas and pods are also available for quiet, private study.

All university lab computers are equipped with the Campus Common Core Software package and have the ability to print to any HuskyPrint station on campus. The IT Support Center also has articles on a variety of printing issues.

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Location Available Capacity Lab Type OS Printers Schedule
AOB G04 36Open Wireless LoungeWindows 10 
AOB G05 45Restricted LabWindows 10   
Chemsci 108 1746Reservable LabWindows 10  View
Chemsci 717 16Open Wireless LoungeWindows 10  
Chemsci B10 36Open Wireless LoungeWindows 10   
Chemsci Lobby Open Wireless Lounge 
Dillman 101 2134Reservable LabWindows 10 View
Dillman 203 827Reservable LabWindows 10 - AutoCad  View
Dillman 208 1132Reservable LabWindows 10  View
Dillman 209 33Open Wireless LoungeWindows 10 
Dillman 211 324Reservable LabWindows 10  View
Dillman 213 812Reservable LabWindows 10, Linux  View
Dow 211 1111GMES Grad Students LabWindows 10, Linux   
Dow 853 910Civil and Env Grad Students LabWindows 10   
Dow Atriums Open Wireless Lounge 
EERC 318 36Open Wireless LoungeWindows 10  
EERC 330 3644Reservable LabWindows 10 View
EERC 421 2424Reservable LabWindows 10  View
EERC 723 2635Reservable LabWindows 10, Linux View
Fisher 232 24Open Wireless LoungeWindows 10 
Fisher 330 2828Reservable LabLinux  View
Fisher 331 2024Open LabWindows 10  
Forestry 139 1218Reservable LabWindows 10  View
Forestry 146 1524Reservable LabWindows 10 View
Forestry G036 67Restricted - SFRES Grad Students LabWindows 10  
Library First Floor 1463Open Library ComputingWindows 10  
Library Garden Floor 3852Open Library ComputingWindows 10, Mac  
Library Second Floor 5290Open Library ComputingWindows 10, Mac, Linux 
Library Third Floor 3665Open Library ComputingWindows 10 
MEEM 120 5572Reservable LabWindows 10  View
MEEM 125 56Open Wireless LoungeWindows 10 
MEEM 202 1923Reservable LabWindows 10  View
MEEM 707 1528Restricted - Grad Students LabWindows 10, Linux  
MM 631A 45MSE Grad Students LabWindows 10  
MM U203 46Open Wireless LoungeWindows 10 
Rekhi 112 4040Reservable LabLinux  View
Rekhi 113 1919Open Wireless LoungeWindows 10, Linux 
Rekhi 117 1818Reservable LabLinux  View
SDC 236 15Open Wireless LoungeWindows 10  
Walker 120-OSX 2529Reservable LabMac OS View
Walker 120-WIN 910Open LabWindows 10