Procurement of IT Equipment, Software and Consumables

Information Technology (IT) is responsible for maintaining the University network, servers, workstations and peripherals to ensure that quality is maintained at reasonable cost. As such, procurement of all University IT resources and services is to be centrally managed by IT regardless of the source of funding; all IT related purchases must be made following 2.2014.1 Procurement of Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Consumables Procedure. IT manages the purchase of IT-related items in collaboration with the purchasing department, which has the final responsibility and authority for vendor selection and all purchasing decisions.

A centralized IT procurement procedure benefits Michigan Tech by providing:

  • Brand and model standardization where appropriate
  • A campus-wide inventory of hardware and software to facilitate effective planning, maintenance, upgrades, and disposal
  • Pricing advantages obtained through volume purchasing and working with preferred vendors
  • License compliance for software purchases
  • Hardware and software with a known “support state” at the time of purchase

Effective August 26, 2013, per 2.2014 Information Technology Procurement Policy, all IT resources and services must be procured through the Office of Information Technology.

Compatibility, warranty, and life cycle are strong considerations in how Michigan Tech IT determines standardized equipment.

Steps for buying IT equipment, software and consumables at Michigan Tech

  1. The user contacts IT User Services to place the initial request.
  2. User Services verifies the user's equipment needs and guided by the standardized equipment list, determines the equipment which best meets their needs.
  3. Once the appropriate equipment has been chosen, the customer provides User Services with a valid index to charge the purchase.
  4. If the customer is not authorized to approve the request, User Services will contact the department chair, director, departmental coordinator, or account custodian for approval.
  5. Upon approval, the order is procured, configured and delivered.

Purchasing consumables for IT equipment

Need toner or ink refills for your copier or printer? To guarantee equipment compatibility, please place these orders through Michigan Tech IT; incompatible toner refills can damage your equipment and void the warranty. To order, send an email to with the make and model of your equipment, the type of toner/refill you need, and an account number for billing.

Michigan Tech IT purchases toner from a distributor that guarantees the product to be genuine and compliant with printer warranty. When purchased campus-wide, we are able to determine the quantity of toner the campus needs as a whole and order in bulk. This allows us to keep supplies available on demand and results in a lower purchase cost for all affected departments.

Please contact IT at 487-1111 or with any questions.