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There are 31 HuskyPrint stations spread throughout campus - in academic buildings, computer labs, and residence halls. HuskyPrint stations are accessible from any lab computer, as well as your personal computer. To print from your personal computer, you’ll need to install some software to make it work. The printing support articles in our support center include detailed instructions to guide you through the process.

Thirteen of the HuskyPrint stations have color printing capability. All printers have a scan-to-email; scan any document and have it emailed directly to you as an electronic file.

When you use HuskyPrint, your print job is sent to a queue. You can then release the job at any of the printing stations on campus. Black and white printing is free to all students, faculty and staff on campus. Color printing incurs a nominal charge.

HuskyPrint Stations

Building Location Color B&W
AOB G004 X X
ATDC 604   X
Chemsci 100 X X
Chemsci 717   X
Chemsci B10   X
Dillman 101   X
Dillman 209 X X
Douglass Houghton Hall 130 (Lobby)   X
Dow 7N X X
Dow Lobby   X
EERC 318   X
EERC 723   X
Fisher 1st floor hallway (130) X X
Fisher 232 X X
Fisher 331   X
Forestry  145 X  
Forestry 146   X
Hillside 119 (1st floor near mailboxes)   X
Library 100B   X
Library 117   X
Library 200A X X
Library 300A   X
Library G01A   X
M&M U203 X X
McNair Hall G001   X
MEEM 125 X X
MEEM 707   X
Meese 100   X
SDC 200   X
Wadsworth Hall Lobby (by the ATM)   X
Walker 120 X  
Walker 130   X

Printing Resources

The Michigan Tech IT Support Center has information on campus printing, including operating system-specific instructions for installing print software and drivers to connect you to HuskyPrint stations on campus. 

Printing Support Articles

Current Printing Prices

There is no charge for black and white printing.

Color Printing Prices
Single side - 8.5"x11" $.25/page
Duplex (two-sided) - 8.5 x 11" $.40/page
Simplex - 11" x 17" $.50/page