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16 hours ago - The bilge is in the bottom of a ship, and whether it's a freighter or sailboat, all ships collect some external water. Cultures from bilge water samples—like this one grown by a Great Lakes Research Center scientist Steve Techtmann—reveal the invisible microbial communities that could identify one port from another. Techtmann, a microbial ecologist, will be traveling the world this summer and fall to gather similar samples from 22 ports. ⛵️🛥🛳🚢⛴ . . . . #michigantech #PetriDish #BeautifulBacteria #microbes #ecology #science #GreatLakes #Ships #BilgeWater #WasteNotWantNot #shippingnews #whatsinyourbilge #mturesearch #dowenvironmentalsciencesandengineeringbuilding
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Yesterday - Michigan Tech awards more than $73 million annually. Know a #crazysmart student? Share these five scholarships.
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Yesterday - RT @mtuhky: Chris Brooks Named Assistant Hockey Coach https://t.co/qian7sVhx0 #mtuhky #FollowTheHuskies https://t.co/CXZHwVZ4MH
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Sunday - Michigan Tech researcher and entrepreneur Adrienne Minerick is developing a handheld point-of-care device to type ABO-Rh blood and hematocrit (blood cell concentration) in five minutes—engineered to be as easy to use as a blood glucose meter. mtu.edu/innovation