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2 hours ago - Invent products. Provide services. Pioneer solutions. Each year, 800 students on 26 teams across 35 different majors work on real projects for real companies. #innovationshore mtu.edu/innovation
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6 hours ago - Next Wednesday, 340 companies, agencies, and nonprofits will send more than 1,000 recruiters to hire Huskies at Career Fair. Career coaches are available to help applicants polish their résumés and practice for the interview to land that co-op, internship, or full-time job! mtu.edu/career/students/jobs/fair
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20 hours ago - Cosmic rays come from a galaxy far, far away. Some particles hit the Earth’s atmosphere with the energy of a well-struck tennis ball. It’s extremely rare for cosmic rays with energy greater than two joules to reach Earth; the rate of their arrival at the top of the atmosphere is only about one per square kilometer per year, the equivalent to one cosmic ray hitting an area the size of a soccer field about once per century. #michigantech researcher David Nitz provides the code to circuit board hardware to detect cosmic rays. #pierreaugerobservatory #space #argentina #inagalaxyfarfaraway #mtuphysics #cosmicrays #science @aaasorg
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Yesterday - Understanding cosmic rays and where they originate can help us answer fundamental questions about the origins of the universe, our galaxy and ourselves.