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Antonio Velazquez studies wind energy and wind turbines.  And the dissertation that earned him his PhD in Civil Engineering from Michigan Tech in 2014 has just been named one of the 25 most-accessed dissertations by ProQuest, an international database of scholarly research. Read More

By Jennifer Donovan | Published

Shaw Wins Research Award

The expression "he has his head in the clouds," generally means someone lacks focus and is not being realistic. For Michigan Tech researcher Raymond Shaw, winner of the University's 2016 Research Award, the expression means it's just another day at the office. Read More

Women in Engineering Offers Exciting Opportunities

For decades Michigan Technological University's Women in Engineering has given outstanding high school students a glimpse of college life and exposure to a variety careers in engineering. Because of a unique program, two girls from Lower Michigan have been given an incredible opportunity. Read More

SBE Student Wins National Essay Competition

A promotion used at his financial institution, provided the inspiration a Michigan Technological University undergraduate needed to take the top prize in a prestigious national essay competition. Read More

ISSRM: Bridging Society and Natural Resources

Bringing together nearly 500 researchers from around the world, Michigan Technological University will be hosting this year's International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM). The conference focuses on the intersection of human and natural systems. Read More