At its regular meeting in Houghton today, Michigan Technological University’s Board of Trustees approved a recommendation to award Senator Gary Peters with an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy at Spring Commencement. Read More

By Stefanie Sidortsova | Published

Sumit Paudyal Wins CAREER Award

Home energy loads are not constant. As we move through our days, use ebbs, flows and peaks. To achieve a breakthrough in power-grid optimization research, award-winning researcher Sumit Paudyal had to teach himself the required math. Read More

Huskies Feel the Spirit of Winter Carnival Past and Present

Steaming chili—and clothes irons repurposed for statue polishing. Glow rings and dogs—and dogs wearing glow rings. Shouts from the broomball rinks. Cheers for aerial feats by the Ski and Snowboard Club. Yup, it's another Winter Carnival All-Nighter at Michigan Technological University. Read More

Statue Winners Announced

A new dynasty may be in the making as Tau Kappa Epsilon captures the top prize in the Winter Carnival Snow Statue Competition for the second time in three years.  Read More

Huskies Build a Chapel of Snow and Ice

For the third year in a row, a cold-weather endeavor built on engineering know-how, perseverance and faith will house a special ice mass on the Michigan Technological University campus. Read More