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VPA students designed 3D

2D Designs Become a 3D Reality on the Tech Trails

Thursday December 11, 2014
By Jennifer Donovan in Academics

Biological Sciences  Professor Nancy Auer with the drifter that traveled all the way across Lake Superior.

A Drifter's Voyage across the Big Lake

Monday December 8, 2014
By Jennifer Donovan in Campus Life

C.K. Choi, left, and PhD candidate Shuo Wang    examine flow fields in a micro-channel, using the Nikon TI series inverted microscope.

Seeing is Believing

Thursday December 4, 2014
By Suzanne Van Dam in Research

Yun Hang Hu, new AAAS Fellow.

Yun Hang Hu Elected an AAAS Fellow

Wednesday December 3, 2014
By Jennifer Donovan in Honors

The participants at the finish line of the recent Boston ruck march.

Passing the Baton: Michigan Tech Alumnus and the Mission of His Life

Tuesday December 2, 2014
By Kevin Hodur in Alumni