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Alumni and long-time donors Richard and Joyce Ten Haken are donating $1 million toward a new School of Business and Economics building project at Michigan Technological University. Read More

By Jennifer Donovan | Published

Black and White and Red All Over

The Keweenaw Peninsula shoreline tells a billion-year-old story forged in fire, sculpted by ice. Geoheritage tours teach visitors and residents how to read the variegated cliffs, long-tailed tombolos and shifting sands. To see where volcanoes, glaciers and humans irrevocably altered topography. Bill Rose, a Michigan Tech professor emeritus of . . . Read More

Closing the Loop

In the forest life cycle, what goes up must come down. Michigan Tech's School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science capitalizes on plant-to-harvest teachable moments as experienced students show first-year Huskies how to fell and process trees as they prepare to host Woodchuck Games at Ford Forest. Read More