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Six Army ROTC cadets from Michigan Technological University were chosen to participate in a unique internship program overseas this summer. Read More

By Jennifer Donovan | Published

Thai Interns Spend Summer at Tech

Michigan Tech alumnus Parinya “Prince” Chakartnarodom is a professor at Kasetsart University in his native Thailand. He has maintained a connection with his University and his alma mater through summer internships. This summer a pair of materials engineering undergraduate students are the latest Thai . . . Read More

Students from Pakistan Attend SYP

Each summer high school students from across the country come to the Michigan Tech campus to study a variety of disciplines in the Summer Youth Programs (SYP). Recently four students from Pakistan made the long trip to Houghton and were pleased with what they found.  Read More

A Husky Abroad Shares Perspectives Across the Pond

Blue shirts for "remain." Red shirts for "leave." A pro-Brexit essay written in chalk on Trafalgar Square and a Vote Leave Battle bus emblazoned with the slogan "We send the EU £350 million a week let's fund our NHS (National Health Service) instead."   Read More