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Michigan Tech’s thought leaders glimpse into the University’s future. Bruce Seely, dean of the College of Sciences and Arts (CSA), contemplates the future of the University by looking at its past. Read More

By Mark Wilcox | Published

Beyond Good Vibrations: New Insights into Metamaterial Magic

If invisibility cloaks and other gee-whiz apps are ever to move from science fiction to science fact, we’ll need to know more about how these weird metamaterials actually work. Michigan Tech researcher Elena Semouchkina has gone back to basics and shed more light on the physics behind the magic. Read More

Tech in Ten: Q&A with Jason Carter

Michigan Tech's thought leaders glimpse into the University's future. Jason Carter, chair of the Department of Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology (KIP), reflects on where research and education in the health sciences is heading over the next decade. Read More