Proposal 34-20


Proposal 34-20:
Proposal to Rescind Senate Policy 306.1: Policy on Humanistic Social Courses

Presented by: Curricular Policy Committee
Voting Units: Academic

(Proposal 7-76)

Senate Policy 306.1

I. Students enrolled in all curricula leading to a baccalaureate degree except Liberal Arts, Business Administration, and Engineering Administration are required to take a minimum of fifteen credits of Humanities and Social Sciences electives which may be selected from a list approved by the faculty of the college or school in which the student is a major.

II. The selection must include at least six credits of courses designated as Humanities (HU) and at least six credits designated as Social Science or Business and Engineering Administration (SS or BA).

III. Students may obtain copies of the list from their academic advisors or department heads.

Adopted by Senate: 5 May 1976
Presidential Approval: 19 July 1976