Proposal 4-17

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

Proposal 4-17
Amended 11-16-16 
(Voting Units: Full Senate)

Proposed Revisions to Senate Procedures 502.1.1, "Review and Reappointment of Deans of Colleges"

PDF version of Proposal 4-17


In mid spring of 2016 the Provost initiated the process of evaluation of the Dean of College of Arts and Science. The proposed changes to procedure 502.1.1 results from the report of the review committee. 

Proposed Revisions to Senate Procedures 502.1.1

  1.  Change to Appendix A:

    The senate recommends the following timeline for evaluation. The provost should be sure the committee is appointed during no later than the fall semester, so that evaluation can begin at the start of the spring semester. In the time line below the schedule refers to time when the university is in session.

Introduced to Senate: October 19, 2016
Senate Approved to Split Proposal 4-17 in two: November 2, 2016
Senate Amended Proposal (in blue): November 16, 2016
Approved by Administration: January 30, 2017