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Proposal 33-16

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

Proposal 33-16
(Voting Units: Academic) 

Proposal to Shelve Degree Program: Ph.D. in Engineering Physics 

PDF version of Proposal 33-16

Submitted by
Department of Physics
Contacts: Yoke Khin Yap, Director of Graduate Studies – Engineering Physics
John A. Jaszczak, former Director of Graduate Studies – Engineering Physics
Ravi Pandey, Chair, Department of Physics 

1. Full name of program to be shelved
            Ph.D. in Engineering Physics 

2. Final term program will be open for new admits
            Spring 2016 

3. Plan to complete all enrolled and returning students
            Students currently enrolled in the Ph.D. in Engineering Physics will be allowed to complete their degree if they wish to stay in that program.  Current students will be allowed to change their degree program to the Ph.D. in Applied Physics, as appropriate for their research and with approval of their faculty advisor. 

4. Reason for shelving
            The Physics department has proposed a spin-off of this degree, Ph.D. in Applied Physics (Senate Proposal 17-16).  If approved, the Ph.D. in Engineering Physics needs to be shelved. 

5. Financial impact (if any) to the department and university
            The financial impact to the department is minimal.  The spin-off program of Ph.D. in Applied Physics is expected to enroll the same number of students currently enrolled in the Ph.D in Engineering Physics.  Marketing/promotional materials and the department/graduate school web pages will need to be updated.

Introduced to Senate:  06 April 2016
Approved by Senate:  20 April 2016
Approved by Administration:  26 April 2016