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Proposal 12-16

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

Proposal 12-16
(Voting Units: Academic)

“Proposal to Shelve Certificate Program: Certificate in Chinese and Area Studies”

PDF version of Proposal 12-16
Submitted by
Department of Humanities
Contact: Ron Strickland, Professor and Chair
Department of Humanities (

1. Full name of program to be shelved: Certificate in Chinese and Area Studies 

2. Final term program will be open for new admits: Fall 2013 

3. Plan to complete all enrolled students and any returning students:
All enrolled students have now completed the certificate. 

4. Reason for shelving: Our Chinese courses have been shelved, because we no longer have qualified faculty to teach them. So, no courses equals no certificate. 

5. Financial impact (if any) to the department and university: None

Introduced to Senate:  03 February 2016
Approved by Senate:  17 February 2016
Approved by Administration:  26 February 2016