Proposal 38-15

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University 

Proposal 38-15
(Voting Units: Academic)

“Policy on Accommodated Examinations”

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I. Introduction

With the growing number of students requiring accommodations due to a documented disability, a consistent policy is needed to ensure that each student is provided fair treatment and that the University acts within the context of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Instructors and staff across the University have, at times, been asked by students to provide accommodations with little to no advanced notice. This has the potential to compromise the integrity of both classroom instruction and exam administration. 

The proposed policy would also provide consistency with the Final Exam Policy (Senate Policy 602.1) by placing a limit on the amount of time per day rather than the number of exams per day allowed for a student during the final exam period. 

II. Proposed Proposal

Any student requiring accommodations due to a documented disability must provide the instructor of the course notification of needed accommodations no later than five business days prior to the use of the accommodations. In situations where fewer than five days’ notice is given, the instructor is encouraged, but not obligated, to provide accommodations. The instructor will determine, in consultation with the Testing Center in the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning, whether these accommodations can be met.  

Students who have an accommodation for extended time allowed on tests shall not be required to spend more than six hours per calendar day in final examinations. For a student with an accommodation for extended time, this may imply no more than two examinations per day. To resolve time conflicts between two overlapping exams (either regular exams or final examinations), the current practices of the University shall be followed. 

Proposal 38-15:
Introduced to Senate: April 1, 2015
Approved by Senate: April 15, 2015
Approved by Administration: April 22, 2015