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Proposal 23-15

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

Proposal 23-15
(Voting Units: Academic)

“Proposal to Shelve Degree Program:  Computer Systems Science (SCSY)”

PDF Version of Proposal 23-15

 Submitted by: Department of Computer Science
Contact: Min Song, Professor and Chair  (

1. Full name of program to be shelved

B.S. in Computer Systems Science (SCSY)

Note:  This proposal is contingent on the approval of a new concentration Computer Science - Computer Systems (SCS6).  SCSY should not be dropped before SCS6 is approved by the State.

2.  Final semester program will be open for new admits

Spring 2015 will be the last semester the program will be open for new admits.  However, this is contingent on the approval of SCS6 for Fall  2015.

3.  Plan to complete all enrolled students and any returning students:

Existing students will continue through graduation following the degree audit for their enrollment year.

4.  Reason for shelving

The Computer Systems Science degree has experienced low enrollment for a separate degree program.  The average number of enrolled students from 2009-2014 in SCSY is 22.2.  As a comparison the Computer Science enrollment (SCSX) is 252.5 and Software Engineering (SSEN) is 69.5.  Also, this enrollment has been declining over the last three years.  This change will move the enrollment into the main Computer Science program.

5.  Financial impact (if any) to the department and university

The financial impact will be minimal.  New marketing materials, such as banners, pamphlets, and website updates, need to be developed to promote the change of this program from a degree program to a computer science concentration. 

Introduced to Senate:  04 February 2015
Approved by Senate:  18 February 2015
Approved by Administration:  25 February 2015