Policy 907.1

(Proposal 12-10)

Senate Policy 907.1


In order to bring the University's Professional Leave policy into agreement with the
new policy for Entrepreneurial Leave, The Academic Policy Committee is proposing
that the Senate modifies the existing policy as described below.

The modification allows part-time leave and includes explicit language for the right to
maintain benefits as long as individuals meet normal university standards for benefit
eligibility. The changes also include changes to the approval process in order to
reflect the present structure of governance at Michigan Tech.


It is therefore proposed that the Senate change the wording for the (4.2)
Professional Leave Policy in the Faculty Handbook to reflect the required language to
accomplish these objectives.

4.2 Professional Leave

Leaves of absence not to exceed one year may be granted to regular University
employees, to pursue graduate study, to gain professional experience in industry, to
engage in research sponsored by an agency other than the University, or for other
purposes beneficial to the University and to the professional stature of the individual.
These leaves of absence may be full or part-time and are without pay. Employees
must meet normal university standards for benefit eligibility to retain benefits while on
professional leave. These leaves must have the recommendation of the immediate
Supervisor or Department Chair, approval of a Director or Dean, the appropriate
Vice-President, and the President, with notification to Human Resources. Renewals
may be granted under special circumstances.

For additional information regarding leaves of absence see Section 6.2,



Proposal 12-10:
Introduced to Senate: February 24, 2010
Adopted by Senate: March 17, 2010
Approved by Administration: April 13, 2010