Policy 905.1

(Proposal 21-99)

Senate Policy 905.1

  • It shall be the policy of Michigan Technological University to permit students,
    faculty, and professional staff to observe those holidays celebrated by their
    chosen religious faith.
  • It is the responsibility of those students who wish to be absent to make
    arrangements in advance with their instructors. Faculty and professional staff
    should be sensitive to the observance of these holidays so that students who
    absent themselves from classes on these days are not seriously disadvantaged.
    In cases where examinations or assignments need to be made up, faculty shall
    have the right to determine the content and the conditions of administration,
    giving due consideration to equitable treatment. While recognizing that some
    religious observances may include extended periods of time, instructors may
    expect a reasonable limit to the number of requested absences by any student.
  • It is the responsibility of those faculty who wish to be absent to make
    arrangements in advance with their chairs/directors/deans, who shall assume
    the responsibility for covering their classes. And it is the responsibility of
    professional staff who wish to be absent from their position to make
    arrangements in advance with their supervisor.
  • The administration shall appoint a committee to develop the procedures to
    implement this policy. The committee shall include representation by the
    University Senate, Undergraduate Student Government, Graduate Student
    Council, and the University administration. These procedures shall be presented
    for comment to the University Senate before their final adoption.



Adopted by Senate: March 24, 1999
Approved by President: July 22, 1999