Policy 606.1

Career Fair Policy
(Proposal 5-16)

Senate Policy 606.1

  1. Introduction
    For many students Career Fair has become a major component of a Michigan
    Tech education. To better support the students we recommend that faculty use
    this event to help students work through scheduling conflicts as developing
    professionals. And to do so in a supportive way that understands the stress and
    focus students rightly put into career fair.
  2. Proposed Policy
    Regular examinations, major projects and papers, and presentations shall not be
    given or be due on the day of career fair. All Instructors are encouraged to
    consider how involved the students in each of their classes are with career fair
    and address other days in the week appropriately.

    Lower level students are encouraged to attend career fair to learn the ropes, and
    seek internships and co-ops. Faculty in courses with high numbers of lower level
    students, new to managing the conflicting demands of being an adult student,
    should consider providing more support to help those students develop good
    habits of planning ahead and communicating clearly, early, and respectfully about

    A regular examination, major projects or papers, or presentation is taken to be
    any assignment comprising a significant portion of a student’s overall grade and
    which would require major preparation. Evening exams are included as they are
    regular exams held outside of scheduled class times (senate policy 601.1).

    Regular weekly assignments, such as lab reports, are not considered major
    papers. However, instructors of lower division classes with career fair attending
    students are encouraged to move the due date a day earlier or in some other way
    help lower level students plan ahead.



Proposal 5-16:
Introduced to Senate: 21 October 2015
Approved by Senate: 04 November 201 5
Approved by Administra