Policy 419.1

Undergraduate Catalog Policy
(Proposal 26-16)

Senate Policy 419.1

Introduction and Rationale:
The wording that appears below is currently in the undergraduate catalog under
"Graduation Requirements." It is not currently a formal University policy, but it has been in
the catalog, with various modifications, since the late 1960s. The reasons for this proposal

  • Formalizes the policy
  • Clarifies and defines portions of the text
  • Eases access for transfer students; transfer students will be able to develop a Michigan
    Tech academic plan when they begin their studies at the community college, which is in
    line with trending state polices related to transfer credit
  • Allows students who return after being away for more than a year to follow the
    requirements they started with (if approved by department and within 7 years), which
    facilitates the path toward completion
  • Allows the University to expire outdated undergraduate catalogs and degree
    requirements; most universities in Michigan have similar policies with similar expiration

The Michigan Tech undergraduate catalog, including degree requirements, is updated
annually and expires after seven years. Students may not graduate using a catalog that is
more than seven years old.

  • Students maintaining continuous enrollment at Michigan Tech may expect to graduate
    under the degree requirements in effect at the time that they became a degree-seeking
    student at Michigan Tech.
  • Students changing majors will follow the degree requirements in effect at the time of the
    change of major.
  • Students adding a major or minor will follow the requirements for the additional
    curriculum in effect at the time it is added.
  • Students who have been absent from the University for three or more consecutive
    semesters (including summer) will follow the degree requirements in effect at the time of

With approval from the academic department, students may follow the degree requirements
from an earlier catalog. The catalog selected must be within seven years prior to the
student’s graduation or the first term the student was enrolled as a degree-seeking student
at a regionally accredited institution, whichever is shortest.



Proposal 26-16:
Introduced to Senate: 23 March 2016
Approved by Senate: 06 April 2016
Approved by Administration: 15 April 2016