Policy 308.1

(Proposal 25-02)
(Proposal 7-03)

Senate Policy 308.1

Prerequisite courses are required to be satisfactorily completed before a student may register in
a course requiring the prerequisite. Students who earn a CD or D in a prerequisite course
should retake the prerequisite course before registering for the advanced course.

Concurrent prerequisites are courses that may be taken either simultaneously in the same
semester or in a prior semester.

Co-requisites are courses that are required to be taken in the same semester as the course
requiring the co-requisite.

Graduate and Professional Development students are generally exempt from prerequisites.

The course instructor has the right to waive prerequisites, if openings are available, in the case
of a student who has demonstrated competence or who has had academic experience
equivalent to that represented by the prerequisite. The waiver does not grant credit for the
prerequisite course but indicates the instructor's willingness to accept the student into their class
without the student officially taking the prerequisite course.



Proposal 25-02:
Adopted by Sen ate: 8 May 2002
Approved by Administration: 21 June 2002

Proposal 7-03:
Adopted by Senate: 4 December 2002
Approved by Administration: 13 February 2003