Procedure 303.1.1

(Proposal 2-75)

Senate Procedures 303.1.1

Coordinating Policy 303.1



  1. Proposed course changes and additions shall be initiated by appropriate faculty with
    assistance from their department head. After investigating potential overlap with courses
    taught within the college and in other departments of the University, the department head
    shall present the course to the departmental faculty for their review and approval.
  2. Approval by the departmental faculty shall henceforth constitute provisional approval for
    any course subject to the provisions of paragraphs C through F.
  3. At least one quarter prior to being offered for the first time, a catalog description and
    content outline of provisionally approved courses shall be transmitted by the offering
    department to all academic faculty, department heads, deans of schools, and colleges, the
    registrar, and the Vice-President of Academic Affairs.
  4. In order to prevent unnecessary overlapping of departmental course offerings, other
    departments or the dean of any school or college may initiate review of a provisionally
    approved course through the Vice-President of Academic Affairs. The Vice-President of
    Academic Affairs may also initiate his own independent review. Such a review will
    automatically cancel provisional approval for not more than one quarter during which time
    the issue must be settled.
  5. Courses may be offered during any quarter following provisional approval.
  6. Once a year, the Vice-President of Academic Affairs will circulate a list of provisionally
    approved courses, which have been taught at least once, to all academic faculty,
    department heads, and deans. Any department or any dean of a school or college may
    request review of a listed course by the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, the University
    Curriculum Review Committee, the Graduate Council (if a graduate course is being
    reviewed) and relevant departments, including the department offering the course and the
    department requesting review. The review may result in cancellation of the course.
    Provisionally approved courses for which no review is requested, or which are approved
    by this review, shall be submitted by the Vice-President of Academic Affairs with
    appropriate recommendation for approval or disapproval to the President. After approval
    by the President, they shall be listed in the next edition of the catalog.


The University Curriculum Review Committee shall be appointed by the Vice-President of
Academic Affairs and will serve in an advisory capacity to him. The separate Curriculum
Committee for the School of Technology shall operate as a department course review
committee. The Graduate Council will continue to review all courses carrying 500 to 600

The Senate strongly recommends that academic departments form student advisory
committees which can provide input on course and curriculum changes to departmental
curriculum committees where the major business of course and curriculum change should take


Proposal Adopted by Senate: 29 January 1975
Approved by President: 17 June 1975