Policy 108.1

(Proposal 7-78) (Proposal 47-22)


Senate Policy 108.1

Coordinating Procedures 108.1.1 and 108.1.2


  1. Academic program proposals are typically developed and championed by faculty in an academic unit (e.g., department, college, institute, center, Office of the Provost).
  2. The provost’s office shall refer proposals for new academic programs, program name changes, and any program shelving or eliminations, as they become available, to the Senate Office for assignment to the Curricular Policy Committee (CPC). The CPC shall consider the following questions as guidelines in its deliberations:
    1. Is there a need for this program?
    2. Does the program generally fall within the framework of Michigan Technological University's legislative intent and strategic plan (including educational goals)
    3. Has there been appropriate faculty and student involvement in the development of the program proposal?
    4. Has the faculty of the appropriate academic unit within the University endorsed the development of the proposal? (In the case of an academic program to be offered by an existing unit, this endorsement would normally involve a vote in favor of the development of the proposed program by a majority of the faculty members of the unit).
    5. Does the program establish any unusual priorities with regard to University resources (e.g., financial, space, infrastructure, faculty/staff workloads, teaching assistants)?
    6. Has this proposal been approved through the appropriate process?
  3. The CPC shall make a recommendation to the senate on each proposed academic program. In the case where one or more issues cannot be resolved between the CPC and the proposing unit(s), the CPC may not refuse to bring a proposal to the full senate, but may bring forth the proposal and present a rationale for non-support.
  4. The Senate shall make a recommendation to the Administration on each proposed academic program.
  5. Proposed programs may not be advertised or accept enrollment until final approvals (including any required external approvals) are obtained and communicated by the Administration to the unit.
  6. After the establishment of a program, curricular changes (e.g., changes to course requirements, learning outcomes, total credits, or program location/modality) will be approved following procedures set by the provost’s office.


Policy Requirements

All proposals submitted under this policy must follow the related procedures and any policies that govern the specific academic program type.



Through shared governance, the Senate has been delegated the responsibility and authority to review and establish policy and procedures for all curricular matters, including establishment, dissolution, and changes in degree programs, as stated in the Senate Constitution. Approval of such programs often has requirements beyond the University Senate, so coordination between the Administration and Senate is necessary for smooth approval of curricular matters.



This policy only applies to proposals that: establish new academic programs, rename existing programs, or shelve/eliminate programs.



Academic programs: majors, minors, concentrations, certificates, etc., typically which are completed by enrolled students taking courses for credit and awarded a credential upon successful completion.
Administration: the university president and their designee(s).



Provost’s Office: ensure all pre-senate approvals are obtained, forward all approved academic program proposals to the Senate Office, ensure any needed post-senate approvals are obtained.

Senate Office: assign proposal numbers, route proposals to the CPC for review, add reviewed proposals to the senate agenda, forward all approved proposals to Administration.

Curricular Policy Committee: review all proposals as described, communicate with the proposal contacts as needed to make any needed revisions, and route all proposals to the full senate with a statement of support or non-support.



In support of this policy, the following procedures are included:
Procedure 108.1.1 - Requirements for Academic Program Proposals
Procedure 108.1.2 - Criteria for Financial Evaluation of Proposed Academic


Adopted by Senate: 7 December 1977

Proposal 47-22:
Introduced to the Senate: 4/6/22
Approved by the Senate: 4/20/22
Administration Responded: 6/16/22
Editorial Changes Made to Proposal: 10/19/22
Approved by Administration: 10/21/22