Graduate students reviewing results in the Cloud Chamber lab.

Sponsored Activities

The Elizabeth and Richard Henes Center for Quantum Phenomena is a vibrant host for visiting scientists from all over the world. All are welcome to introduce, share and explore ideas—those both unachievable and those that are a real possibility. The outstanding research and educational collaboration of both members and students are encouraged and supported.

The CQP is always open to students to help them to be exposed to physics, science in general, and other cultures. Attracting and recruiting top graduate students is a priority.

Funding, available to both graduate and undergraduate students, pays for visits to prestigious research and teaching institutions in the United States and abroad. This includes opportunities to attend summer schools of various topics and participate in research efforts with other schools and facilities.  

The CQP provides seed funding to start new research projects, and contributes to shared existing and future research facilities on campus used by members. Some examples include physics research labs.

Henes Graduate Research Fellows

The CQP is proud to support to these exceptional graduate student researchers.

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