Lorelle Meadows

lorelle meadows personnel photo


  • Founding Dean, Pavlis Honors College
  • Research Associate Professor, Psychology and Human Factors


Dr. Lorelle Meadows joined Michigan Tech as founding dean of the new Pavlis Honors College. She received her BS, MS and PhD in Oceanic Science from the University of Michigan, College of Engineering in 1983, 1985 and 2002, respectively. Her primary areas of research include the application of high frequency radar to the determination of a variety of air-sea parameters in the near-shore zone as well as natural and anthropogenic influences on near-shore processes and productivity. In 2009 Dr. Meadows joined the University of Michigan, College of Engineering as Assistant Dean of Academic Programs. Her primary responsibility in this role was to assure the delivery of a curriculum that addressed college-wide educational objectives in order to prepare students for the careers of the 21st century. In this role Dr. Meadows led the design, planning, implementation and assessment of the College of Engineering first year program, oversaw the Program in Technical Communication and undertook targeted curriculum development projects in areas such as ethics education and sustainable engineering. She is the recipient of the 2013 University of Michigan Aspire Advance Achieve Award and has been honored with a Faculty Recognition Award for Outstanding Research Mentorship. She also conducts research in engineering education, with specific emphasis on the influence of gender stereotypes in student teamwork as well as general issues of motivation and engagement. She has received three best paper awards from the American Society of Engineering Education and is often invited to speak on her research, first year program development and curriculum innovation in engineering. Dr. Meadows retired as dean of the honors college in 2021, but continues to conduct research at Michigan Tech.


  • STEM Education Research
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Service-Learning