Here is a guide of recommended courses to take in preparation for medical school. These are just common requirements/recommendations. Course requirements vary by program. It is your responsibility to check with each program that you plan to apply to in order to ensure you meet all course requirements. Also note this list does not incorporate prerequisite requirements. Make sure to check that you meet prerequisite requirements and consider this when course planning.

Commonly Required Courses

Biology — 1 year

Chemistry with Lab — 1 year

Organic Chemistry with Lab — 1 year

English — 1 year

Physics with Lab — 1 year

Students can choose either College Physics or University Physics to meet this requirement.

Biochemistry — 1 semester

Statistics — 1 semester

Most medicals schools either require or recommend 1 semester of statistics. This is also recommended to prepare for the MCAT.

Behavioral Sciences — 1 semester to 1 year

Most medical schools require at least 1 semester of behavioral sciences. For MCAT preparation, it is recommended to take both courses.

Other Recommended Courses 

Anatomy and Physiology I and II with Lab — 1 year

It is recommended to take 1 year of anatomy and physiology to prepare for the MCAT.

Biochemistry — 1 semester


Upper Level Biology — 1 semester

Most medical schools require or recommend at least 1 upper level biology course. The following courses are recommended to meet this requirement and can help with MCAT preparation:

Mathematics — 1 semester