6.11.1—Summer Appointment and Compensation Request

Effective: 03/01/2010
Senate Proposal: No
Responsible University Officer: Vice President for Administration
Responsible Office: Human Resources


Regular faculty members will be compensated for their efforts during an off-semester period. Faculty whose efforts are spread throughout the entire off-semester period and are receiving full off-semester period (summer) compensation, forgo any time-off/downtime. Summer appointment periods for more than the normal limit of 10 weeks requires additional approval.


Complete an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF).  Instructions can be found on the EPAF Resources page on HR's Website.


This procedure supports the following policy:


Forms and Instructions

In support of this policy, the following forms/instructions are included:



3/19/2018 To reflect current practice, the process had been transferred to the HR website. The language "Prior to the summer work being performed, the hiring department (whether the eligible employee's primary department or another department) does the following:
  1. Complete the following on an Employee Status Change form, available from Human Resources, Forms and Information, Academic Humans Resources Forms' web site https://www.mtu.edu/hr/forms/ or by calling 7-2281:
    1. Enter the Employee Name and M Number.
    2. Enter the Contact Person's Department, Name and Phone Number.
    3. Indicate the Employee's Primary Position by selecting one of the three boxes.
    4. Indicate whether or not immigration authorization is needed by selecting Yes or No.
    5. Enter the employee's Supervisor's name.
    6. Indicate the (all) Reason(s) for Status Change, by selecting the appropriate boxes and also selecting the "Summer Teaching" and/or "Summer Research and Other Sponsored Activities".
      • NOTE: If Summer Teaching is selected, please include the Course Prefix, Number, and number of credits.
    7. Enter a brief justification of the additional work situation in the Comments/Justification text box, which could include the Course Prefix, Number and number of credits.
    8. Enter the Start and End Date of summer appointment.
    9. Enter the Compensation Amount.
    10. Enter the Index(es))/Account Code(s).
  2. If the faculty member is requesting to work the full off-semester period in the summer, ensure the Full Off-Semester (Summer) Appointment Request and Certification form is completed (see: procedure 2.6011.2) and signed by the faculty member, and the request is attached to the Employee Status Change Form.
  3. Obtain approval from the faculty supervisor/director or higher in supervisory chain of command, and a countersignature, if required.
    • NOTE: When an employee's time and payroll dollars are to be charged to an index under the control of a department other than the one initiating the request, the department head of the second department must also approve this request (countersignature).
  4. Obtain approval from the next in line of the supervisory chain of command (requires two signatures).
  5. If the summer appointment is for more than 10 weeks, obtain the chair and dean signatures within the colleges, and the dean and provost signatures within the schools..
    • NOTE: Within the schools, after receiving the dean's signature, forward request and supporting documentation to Human Resources. Do not forward to the provost's office.
  6. Forward the Employee Status Change Form and any supporting documentation to Human Resources for review, obtaining remaining approvals, and processing."

...has been updated and moved to this URL: mtu.edu/hr/supervisors-admins/epaf-resources/

The Employee Status Change Form URL was also removed from this page.

04/10/2017 Transfer of policy page from HTML to CMS. Business and Finance numbers renamed from "2.6000" to "6. Human Resources". Specifically from "2.6011.1—Summer Appointment and Compensation Request" to "6.11.1—Summer Appointment and Compensation Request".