6.24—Employee Education

Policy Number: 6.24
Title: Employee Education
Effective: 01/01/2016
Senate Proposal: Yes, Senate Proposal 2.16
Responsible University Officer: Vice President for Administration
Responsible Office: Human Resources

Policy Statement

As a leader in education, we value strong, curious minds and continued growth. In order to enhance the performance and encourage professional growth, Michigan Technological University offers eligible employees the opportunity to take courses at the University.

Policy Requirements

Eligible Employees may take classes at Michigan Tech and tuition and lab fees will be waived. Regular full-time faculty and staff may take up to two courses or six credit hours per semester, whichever is greater. Union employees should reference their Union Contracts. Off campus employees should refer to the Education Benefits for Remote Michigan Tech Employees.

Employees are responsible for the cost of books, supplies, equipment, and penalties. If you successfully complete the course(s) with a passing grade of a "C" or higher (credit or audit), the University will cover your tuition charges.

Employees must maintain active full time employment status at the University for the entire duration of the course.

Summer Semester will be treated as one semester (not as Track A and Track B). If an employee takes classes in the summer, the benefit will be applied as one semester and will not apply to both Track A and Track B.

If an employee qualifies for the employee education program as well as the Senior Citizen or a Tribal tuition program, Michigan Tech will apply the benefit as an employee before applying the additional applicable benefits.

Enrollment and Admission Requirements

Employees must receive supervisor's permission to take a course, meet the requirements of eligibility, and be subject to the general regulations and course prerequisites published in the current catalog.

Termination of the Education Benefit

Tuition must be reimbursed if an employee fails to maintain active employment status for the duration of the semester in which the class is taken or for any courses in which you receive a grade below a "C" or courses dropped without approval. However, if extenuating circumstances arise that require an employee to drop the course after the drop date, an employee may apply for an emergency/conflict allowance by contacting the Benefits office at: benefits@mtu.edu for a Release from Course form which must be approved by the supervisor and Human Resources.


If graduate classes are above the IRS limit they may be taxable to the employee - refer to the Senior Accountant in Financial Services and Operations.


Michigan Technological University recognizes that the educational development of its employees is important to the success of the University.

Reason for the Policy

This Policy supports the University’s efforts to minimize institutional risk, employ best practices when hiring, and assist hiring authorities in making sound hiring decisions by creating a standardized process applicable to the entire campus.  

Related Policy Information

This policy supports goal 1.1 of the Strategic Plan and Proposal 2-16 of the University Senate.


  • Student employees
  • Short-term, casual, seasonal employees
  • Part-time, Regular employees with less than a 0.75 full-time equivalent (FTE)
  • Union employees - Must follow their Bargaining Unit Contract


Human Resources




Employee – Register for classes and obtain approval signatures on the tuition bill from their immediate supervisor and Benefit Services. Provide signed tuition bill to the Cashier's office.

Immediate Supervisor – Review and approve employee's request to take classes.

Benefit Services – Review submitted forms for eligibility and send to financial aid for processing.


In support of this policy, the following procedures are included:

Procedure:   6.24.1 Employee Education

Adoption Date

3/18/2016 Approved by Vice President for Administration.


04/10/2017 Transfer of policy page from HTML to CMS. Business and Finance numbers renamed from "2.6000" to "6. Human Resources". Specifically from "2.6024—Employee Education" to "6.24—Employee Education".