Appendix A - Record Retention Schedule

The record retention schedule at Michigan Technological University provides a standard for maintaining necessary records as required by applicable state and federal law, and to the extent necessary for operational purposes. The retention periods listed on this schedule should be considered the minimum time for which a paper record must be held.

This schedule is not all-inclusive. It is a guide to assist departments when making record disposal decisions. Reviews of the changes in federal and state laws pertaining to record retention is the responsibility of individual departments.

Record Retention Schedule

Equal Opportunity Compliance and Title IXAlumni Records  |  Campus Crime Reports  |  Compliance Record and Environment Law  |  Counseling Services  |  Financial and Tax Records  |  Gift Records  |  Institutional Board Records-Permanent  |  Personnel and Employment Records  |  Publications  |  Research Grant and Contract Records  |  Enrolled Student Records

Alumni Records

Biographical records - permanent

Cash and non-cash gift records - 4 years

Tax return form 990 - 3 years from return date

Campus Crime Reports - 3 years

Compliance Records and Environment Law

Injury reports/Occupational injury and illness log and summary - 30 years or duration of employment

Medical records required under Michigan Blood borne Infectious diseases standard - 30 years or duration of employment

Medical records related to occupational illness and injuries - 30 years or duration of employment

Medical records required by MIOSHA respirator standards - 30 years

Medical records related to occupational illness and injuries - 30 years or duration of employment plus 20 years, whichever is longer

Exposure records related to hazardous materials or chemicals other than those listed above - 30 years from the accident date

Employee safety, health and environmental training documentation - 3 years

Hazardous waste determination and manifest - 3 years from generation and shipment for disposal

Counseling Services

Student records - 7 years

  • Student Intake Form
  • Information Sheet
  • Intake Record
  • Progress notes
  • Tracking Form
  • Nurse Referral Form
  • Nurse Initial Assessment
  • Nurse Progress Note Update Forms
  • Release of Information Forms
  • Testing Records

Financial records - 4 years

Financial and Tax Records

See State of Michigan approved Records and Retention and Disposal Schedule, found here:

Gift Records

Donor documentation - seven years after expenditure of the gift or donation

Equal Opportunity Compliance and Title IX Office

Affirmative Action Record Form - 3 years

Equal Employment Opportunity Disclosure Form - permanent

American Disabilities Act Request Form - permanent

Institutional Board Records - permanent

Policy Statements - 10 years

Patent and Trademark records - 6 years

Personnel and Employment Records

Employment applications; pre-employment records - 3 years

Employee personnel records - permanent

Payroll time sheets - As noted in the Payroll Services Standard Practice Guide

Student status forms - 3 years


Production records 5 years

Research Grant and Contract Records - 7 years

Enrolled Student Records

Application for admission records - 10 years from date of attendance

Advanced Placement records - 10 years

Loan Files - 3 years from paid or cancellation date

Transfer credit evaluation - 10 years

Degree evaluation for enrolled students - 5 years

Personal data information forms - 2 semesters

International student forms (I-20) - 1 year

Expulsion, suspension, or revocation of degree information - permanent

Financial Aid records - 5 years

Career placement records - 10 years

Statistical data and Institutional reports - permanent

Graduate student records:

  • Application for admission - 5 years
  • Degree audit records - permanent