1.05.2—Request for Web Page Review or Change


Michigan Tech uses a decentralized model for web maintenance. Each University department has at least one webmaster or CMS liaison tasked with making website updates. Web page reviews and changes can be directed by using the contact information included in the related website's footer.

Any questions about who the appropriate webmaster or CMS liaison is can be directed to at webmaster@mtu.edu. Digital Services may collaborate with central IT to determine the appropriate contact.

A website review completed by University Marketing and Communications can be requested at by emailing webmaster@mtu.edu Common site questions may include:

  • Accessibility
  • Design
  • Grammar and editorial style
  • Logo usage
  • Search engine optimization


To submit a web page change request:

  • Contact the site's webmaster or CMS liaison using the general contact information located in the related website's footer or contact webpage.

To submit a request for a web page review:

  • Email webmaster@mtu.edu. Requests are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis based on staff availability.


Forms and Instructions


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