1.05.1—University Web Policy Arbitration


Web pages that do not comply with the University Web Policy may be unlinked from the University homesite until modifications are made to bring the noncompliant pages into compliance. The director of Digital Services has the authority to take this action. A University department may authorize their system administrator to unlink or remove noncompliant pages.

The director of Digital Services, departmental web developer or web liaison, and department head/director are encouraged to work together to resolve non-compliance issues. Most problems can be resolved in this way.

To resolve unsettled issues that remain, complete a University Web Policy Arbitration Request form. If an arbitration request goes to an arbitration panel, their findings are final.


Work with the director of Digital Services, department web developer or web liaison, and the department head/director to resolve noncompliance issues. If unsettled issues remain:

  1. Complete a University Web Policy Arbitration Request form, or print it and send it to the director of Digital Services at webmaster@mtu.edu.
  2. Once the Arbitration Request Form is received, the director of Digital Services will set up a time and place to meet with the web designer. An arbitration panel of four to six campus web liaisons may be appointed as well.
  3. Arbitration panels attempt to negotiate a compromise between the web designer and the University Web Policy. Arbitration panel’s findings are final.


Forms and Instructions


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