2.15.2—Moving Reimbursement - Active Employee

Effective: 05/13/2014
Senate Proposal: No
Responsible University Officer: Vice President for Finance and Vice President of Administration
Responsible Office: Financial Services and Operations


Per the Internal Revenue Service, all expenses incurred during the move are taxable. Any applicable federal and state income taxes and FICA social security/medicare taxes will be withheld from a future paycheck.


To claim reimbursement for moving expenses, the employee does the following:

  1. Makes all arrangements associated with the move.
  2. Pays all costs associated with the move and retains all receipts.
  3. Completes a moving expense form upon completion of the move. the form is available at https://www.mtu.edu/fso/forms/travel/. Instructions for completing the form are available here.
    • NOTE: Original receipts must be attached to the form.
  4. Obtains written approval on the expense form from the appropriate Senior Administrator in the supervisory chain of command per department procedure.
  5. Forwards the approved expense form to Accounts Payable.


Forms and Instructions

In support of this policy, the following forms/instructions are included:




04/30/2018 Policy Review and update. Changes the Responsible University Officer from "Vice President for Research" to "Finance" and the Responsible Office from "Accounting Services" to "Financial Services and Operations." Changed "meals" to "all expenses" in "Per the Internal Revenue Service, all expenses incurred during the move are taxable." Removed "Non-taxable moving expenses include the movement of household goods, transportation and lodging while traveling from the former home to the new home."
04/10/2017 Transfer of policy page from HTML to CMS. Business and Finance numbers renamed from "2.2000" to "2. Business and Finance". Specifically from "2.2015.2—Moving Reimbursement - Active Employee" to "2.15.2—Moving Reimbursement - Active Employee".