MTRI is a leader in the research, development and use of information technology to support solution of critical problems, from national security to infrastructure work, including highways and bridges, as well as bioinformatics, Earth sciences, and environmental processes.

MTRI's Mission 

  • Be acknowledged nationally and internationally as an innovator for the marriage of phenomenological understanding and implementation of the mathematically rigorous algorithms to build information from data in support of sponsor needs
  • Provide visibility and outreach for Michigan Tech in southeastern Michigan
  • Establish collaborations with Michigan Tech academic departments, institutes, and centers to increase funded contract revenues for all involved organizations
  • Maintain a creative environment that rewards and encourages innovation
"The vision has become a reality. MTRI plays not only an important role at Michigan Tech with regards to research, it plays an increasingly important role across the country. Transportation, defense, and environmental—MTRI has met its goals and objectives and is certainly on the right track for continued success."Dave House, Michigan Tech alumnus and MTRI benefactor