MFF is open to outreach opportunities. Contact the managing director with ideas and suggestions. Some of our current offerings:

  • We give tours (BME and EE, general facilities, processing)
  • We provide lab experiences for summer youth and K-12 students

Course Use

MFF is a non-academic service facility. Use for academic coursework is encouraged, but can only be accommodated when it will not interfere with campus research.

Faculty planning to use the MFF and the managing director’s time must make arrangements with the managing director in advance, prior to scheduling MFF use in a course syllabus and at least one semester before the course starts.

Planning is Crucial.

Planning permits lab scheduling, equipment configuration, and purchasing and reprocessing required materials as needed.

Without advance planning there is no guarantee that MFF equipment or the managing director’s time will be available.

Faculty members are charged on an hourly basis for MFF tools used in conjunction with Michigan Tech course laboratories. Materials use is charged at actual cost. A valid Michigan Tech account index is required to invoice these costs.