The Microfabrication Facility (MFF) consists of thin film, plasma etching, photolithography, and temperature processing equipment.

MFF capabilities are broad and applicable to areas of biomedical engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, materials science, and mechanical engineering. Deposition, sputtering, etching, and photolithography capabilities together with microcharacterization measurement systems enable precision device engineering.


Michigan Tech shared facilities support interdisciplinary and guest research by providing communal space, tools, and equipment. MFF is open to all University research units interested in micro- and nano-scaled research. Services are determined by an oversight committee, comprised primarily of facility users, who provide guidance to the managing director.

The managing director provides these primary services:

  1. Ensures MFF equipment is operational, including maintenance and repair of existing tools and new tools
  2. Trains MFF users
  3. Assists researchers and students in developing process plans for their research
  4. Assists course laboratories that utilize MFF resources