Chemical Supplies

Chemicals available in the lab include:

  1. CMOS acetone
  2. CMOS iso-2-propanol
  3. Sulfuric acid
  4. CMOS hydrogen peroxide
  5. Shipley 1827 photoresist (positive resist)
  6. Shipley 1813 photoresist (positive resist)
  7. MF319 photoresist developer
  8. NR9-1500P (negative resist)
  9. RD-6 (negative resist developer)
  10. SU-8 developer (SU-8 is not stocked)
  11. CMOS hydrochloric acid
  12. CMOS ammonium hydroxide
  13. Ammonia fluoride
  14. CMOS 49% hydrofluoric acid
  15. Gold etchant TFA
  16. CR-7 chromium etchant
  17. Nitric acid

Users may bring in their own chemicals, provided they have:

  • An SDS for each chemical
  • Permission from the managing director

MFF does not provide storage for chemicals that are not on our list. Users must take their own chemicals out after each procedure. The availability of on-site chemicals may be revised if there is sufficient demand.