MFF is not responsible for, nor can it guarantee, the safekeeping of your personal items or specimens. When exiting the lab, be sure all personal items are removed. Dispose of any specimens or take them out of the lab. MFF reserves the right to dispose of any items or specimens left in the lab.

No food or drink is permitted within the microfabrication labs. These labs contain sensitive and expensive equipment that is susceptible to damage from liquids and food particles. The labs must be maintained as clean environments to reduce the possibility of specimen contamination.

All users and visitors must wear containment protective clothing in the cleanroom environment.

Users are expected to return the laboratory to the same or better condition in which it was found.

  • Do not bring food or drink in the microfabrication labs.
  • Do not store personal items in the facility.
  • Users may not store specimens in the facility unless they have permission to do so.
  • Before exiting the lab after use, return any tools to their default location, throw away waste materials, and return the system to standard settings.
  • If a system is found in an unusual or unfamiliar setting, contact facility staff for assistance.