If you plan to use an instrument on a regular basis or have a large number of specimens to complete, we recommend you learn to use the instrument yourself. Formal training is required.

Only authorized users are permitted to use instruments. Users are authorized upon successful completion of training, classified as restricted or unrestricted. Refer to the authorization section below for classification details.

Senior users in your research group may do initial training. The managing director does the final sign-off that allows a new user to begin to use a tool independently.

The course EE 5471 - Microfabrication Laboratory provides much of the training foundation. It is offered in Fall and Spring.

Course Training

General Process

Users also need one-on-one training in the facility.

Steps to begin:

  1. Students, preferably with their supervisors, contact the managing director to describe their projects and identify their needs. This helps determine which systems they are likely to use and how customized the training must be.
  2. Users receive safety training.
  3. The supervisor supplies a valid index for use-fee charges.
  4. Users receive formal hands-on training.
  5. Users must demonstrate their ability to operate the system in order to be signed off.
  6. After sign-off, users will have the system added to their e-logger account. They will be allowed to use the system during the 8a.m.-5p.m. daily schedule.

Safety Training

Students receive safety training on the first day of the EE 5471 - Microfabrication Laboratory course. Users who do not receive the safety training in the course must organize a time with the managing director to do the safety training before further training can occur.

During the training process, users will:

  1. Take a safety tour of the MFF
  2. Review safety materials provided in a Canvas course
  3. Pass the safety quiz with 90 percent or better
  4. Renew safety training each year

Mentored Training

Talk to your advisor and consult with the managing director to arrange a mentor assignment. The training requirements involve:

  • One time watching a qualified senior operator (such as the managing director, a mentor from your group, or an approved mentor)
  • Three times operating the tool with a qualified senior operator present
  • One final qualification run approved by the managing director