Submit a Repair Request

Need something fixed graphic

Students can submit a work order with Maintenance Direct. Using the work order system allows you to track your repair request and get updates when they’re complete.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Enter name, email & phone number
  2. Select the location, area, & room number
  3. Click the “General Maitenance” icon
  4. Write a description of the issue. Be specific!
    If your issues are with a washer or dryer, include the machine numbers
    If your issue is a common area, specify the location
  5. Request a completion date
  6. OPTIONAL: Attach pictures if you have them
  7. Click submit

What to expect after your work order is submitted:

  • You will receive a confirmation email sent to your inbox
  • You may receive notifications updating you what is going on with your work order via email
  • In most cases and depending on the size of the work, a non-emergency work order should be completed in 5 business days

Submit a Repair Request

For an emergency that is a threat to the life or safety of an individual or the community (flooding, loss of heat, etc.), notify your RA and call the Facilities emergency line at 906-487-0001.