Living Guide —Repairs, Damages, and Charges

During the first week of occupancy, a Room Condition Report and inspection will be completed by all occupants of a room with their resident assistant (RA) to confirm the condition of the room. It is important that residents note any damage to the room so they are not billed for them at the end of the year. Residents will be charged for all necessary cleaning and repair. If any damage occurs beyond normal wear and tear, it will be noted and the confirmation of responsibility for the damages will be determined. All final room inspections and damage charge assessments for checkout will be determined by Facilities Management staff. The charge will be shared equally among the occupants of the room if the responsible individual cannot be determined. 

Damage Appeals 

Damage charges are placed on student accounts by Facilities Management. Room damage charges are placed on student accounts by Facilities Management. Facilities Management reviews all room condition reports. Follow the steps outlined here to dispute a housing charge.

Repair Requests

To request repairs, please use the Maintenance Direct site and provide as many specifics as possible. 

Community Damages and Vandalism

Damage to community property has an effect on all residents who live in the residence halls.  Vandalism is defined as intentionally causing damage to the property of the University or of an individual. Residents will be held responsible for vandalism, even if caused by their guests. Any intentional damage is subject to referral to the office of Academic and Community Conduct. Any intentional life safety damage, including damage to fire equipment, will receive a recommendation from Residence Education and Housing Services for removal from the residence halls with forfeiture of any housing and dining fees paid. Sanctions may include restitution for the repair cost and/or additional student conduct charges. 

Residence Education and Housing Services uses charges to reduce damages, replace damaged property and to stabilize the costs of living on campus. Residents will be given the opportunity to come forward to claim responsibility for the damage(s) that occurred in their house. If no one claims responsibility for the damage(s) by a specified date, the residents will be notified and the charges will be divided equally among all residents in the house. Residents will have the opportunity to pay the damage due, which will be added to individual student bills. Click here to view Fines and Damage Charges