How to Dispute a Housing Charge

From time to time a student may believe they have been unfairly or inaccurately charged for cleaning fees, damages, or other housing fees. If you believe that a charge has been placed on your student account improperly or in error for any reason and you are not responsible for the charge, you have the right to appeal to dispute the charge. 

Step 1

The student will need to write a letter of explanation and email it to If the student has any supporting documentation, such as a statement from a roommate taking responsibility for the damage or photos to show the damage was a pre-existing condition, that documentation should be included as attachments. The Residence Education and Housing Services staff will direct the email to the appropriate staff member depending on the student's housing assignment. Most concerns are resolved at this step. A response will be provided within ten business days to the student's Michigan Tech email account.

Step 2

Step one must be completed before moving on to step two. If the student has additional documentation that they want considered that was not available at the initial dispute of the housing charge or if the student believes there is an extenuating situation that was not initially considered, the student can request a secondary review by emailing Review by the Housing Appeals Committee is final. The Housing Appeals Committee will review the first dispute of housing charges submitted to in addition to the secondary request submitted to A committee response will be provided within ten business days to the student's Michigan Tech email account. should not be used for students seeking first year waivers, contract releases, or merit waivers. If you are seeking those types of requests, please follow the appropriate process for each.