Residence Education and Housing Services

Living Guide — Amenities

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Cable Television

There is television service provided in all residence halls and apartments. You must provide your own TV and coaxial cords. Residents also get a free subscription to Stream 2, which allows you to record TV and watch it online. You can find their app on the App Store. Students also receive a subscription to HBO GO and MAX GO. For information about cable services, visit the Information Technology webpage.

Common Areas


Each of the residence halls has kitchenettes available for resident use to prepare meals and store cooking supplies. Kitchenettes are places for the hall to gather to host meetings, and social events. These places are intended to be enjoyed by all residents. When using the kitchenettes, it is asked that you follow these guidelines:

  • Baking/cooking items should never be left unattended
  • The stove/oven must be turned off immediately after use
  • Mark all items kept in the refrigerator and cabinets with name, room #, and date
  • Only borrow other residents’ items with permission
  • Dishes may not be left soaking overnight
  • Wipe tables/counters/microwave/stove/oven after each use
  • Always run water when using the garbage disposal
  • Immediately vacuum/mop the floor if something is spilled
  • Do not cut directly on counters or tables; always use a cutting board
  • Do not place hot items on the counters or tables
  • Clean up after yourself and put away all items after usage

If you are concerned with the cleanliness of the kitchenette, please advise your resident assistant of your concern. All residents are responsible for the upkeep of their kitchenette.

Kitchenette Safety

Each kitchenette is equipped with a fire blanket and fire extinguisher. These items may only be used in the event of an emergency. If there is a fire in the kitchenette, call 911 immediately.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are available in each residence hall and apartment building. Washing machines are free to use. Dryers cost a quarter for each 10 minute increments needed to dry a load of laundry. Report any problems with the laundry machines to

Game Rooms

Recreation areas, located away from study areas and student rooms, are provided in each hall. Noisy activities are restricted to these areas so that residents are not disturbed when studying or resting. Pool, ping-pong, and group games are restricted to these areas. Various kinds of recreational equipment purchased by the residence hall student councils, such as ping-pong paddles, footballs, and basketballs, are available at the reception desk.


Saunas are provided in each of the residence halls and Hillside Place. Hours of use are posted in each respective hall. Saunas are for the residents of each hall and their guests.

Study Areas

Each residence hall has areas designated for studying. These areas are equipped with tables, chairs, and wireless Internet. A quiet environment should be observed in these locations at all times to allow for an environment conducive for studying, reading, or completing assignments. Please be considerate when passing through or using these areas.

Dining Services

There are dining halls available in Douglass Houghton Hall, McNair Hall, and Wadsworth Hall. The hours vary in each dining hall. The Campus Café located in Wadsworth Hall provides late-night snacks during the academic school year from 6 p.m. - 1 a.m. Residents can eat in any Dining Hall and are not restricted to eating in the dining hall in the building in which they reside. For more information about Dining Services, click here.

Get Well Soon Meals

Residents who are sick are encouraged to request a Get Well Soon Meal from their resident assistant. In order to receive a Get Well Soon Meal, residents provide their HuskyCard and the Get Well Soon Meal form (filled out by a resident assistant), to the person requesting their meal. The person requesting the meal on behalf of the sick resident must provide the HuskyCard and form to any residential dining hall ID checker stand. The Dining Hall manager will provide a disposable container and cup to the person obtaining the meal for the sick resident.


Elevators are for the convenience of the residents and are essential for students with disabilities and guests who may not be able to use the stairs in Wadsworth Hall, Hillside Place and East McNair Hall.

If an individual tampers with an elevator, such as ringing the emergency alarm, overloading with passengers, or creating situations that cause the elevator to malfunction, the person is subject to a fine, cost of repairs, and disciplinary action.

Should an elevator becomes stuck between floors, do not attempt to open the doors and help people out. The elevator may begin working again at any time, potentially causing injury. Individuals must remain in the elevator until help arrives and contact Public Safety.

Internet Access

Internet access is available throughout the residence halls, including study rooms and lounges. To access Wi-Fi on campus, connect to MichiganTech using your username and password. To connect your devices, connect to MichiganTechOpen and register your device. For more information, visit the Information Technology (IT) webpage. Some devices may need a wired connection.

Printing, Copying and Scanning

Husky Black and White wireless print, copy and scan stations are located in each residence hall. The printer in Wadsworth Hall is located by the ATM on the first floor near the Housing Services office. The McNair Hall printer is located on the ground floor near the Reception Desk. The Douglass Houghton Hall printer is located by the Connector Space. These machines are managed by Information Technology. Contact IT with any printer issues.

Reception Desk

A reception desk is located on the first floor of each residence hall. The reception desk staff is responsible for answering the desk phone, distributing mail and packages and assisting residents and guests. The Reception Desk is able to exchange up to $20 of cash or change.

Additionally, the Reception Desk has many items available for check out such as sports equipment, board games, basic tool kits, kitchen equipment and utensils, and vacuums for student use. Items available vary by hall. Each reception desk also has matchlight charcoal available for residents who would like to use outdoor grills located on campus. There are grills located by the Wadsworth Garden and McNair Hall.

Residents in Hillside Place utilize the McNair Reception Desk.

Reception Desk Contact Information:

Wadsworth Hall Reception Desk 906-487-4600
Douglass Houghton Hall Reception Desk 906-487-4650
McNair Reception Desk 906-487-4700

Reception Desk Hours:

Sunday through Thursday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Friday and Saturday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Mail and Packages

A mailbox is provided for each residence hall room, suite and apartment. U.S. Mail is delivered to the residence halls on Monday-Saturday. With a pre-printed return label, the desks can assist with sending out packages for UPS, FedEx, and USPS.


Each reception desk provides recycling services. Recyclables must be clean when given to the desk.

Quad Core Fitness Centers

Each residence hall has a Quad Core Fitness Center. The Quad Core Fitness Center (QCFC) is a network of four residence hall fitness centers that are available to members. A QCFC facility is located in each of the four residence halls and contain a variety of equipment. Quad Core Fitness Center is open daily when the residence halls are open. Building access is restricted during semester breaks when the residence halls are not open for normal business. For more information about the Quad Core and membership, click here.