Michigan Tech Fund

  • Associate Vice President for Finance
  • Treasurer, Michigan Tech Fund


  • Bond issuance and compliance
  • Treasury Management
  • Facilities and Administrative Rate (F&A) and Fringe Benefit rate proposal submissions and negotiations
  • Utilizes LEAN/continuous improvement principles and tools for process improvement initiatives

About Julie

  • For the first 20 plus years of Julie’s career at Michigan Tech was in research administration, where she was provided the opportunity to participate in providing administrative and compliance guidance to the dedicated faculty and staff regarding post award and pre-award activities. During her time in research administration Julie has participated in: a 4-year national pilot program to implement a new certification of payroll expenses, which resulted in revisions to federal grant and contract regulations to allow universities across the nation to implement project payroll certifications to document time charged federal grants and contract; the Lean Facilitator training program and was an early adopter of the Lean principles and methods; the finance software conversion; the development of Universities first Disclosure Statement, a federal requirement to document the accounting system for direct and indirect costs on externally funded research. Seppala is a native of the Copper Country and when not working, she enjoys spending time at the lake with her family and friends.
Suzanne Morin

Suzanne Morin

  • Executive Director of Financial Services & Operations and Controller
  • Controller's Office
Laurie Buschell

Laurie Buschell

  • Sr. Administrative Aide
Gisele Colarossi

Gisele Colarossi

  • Director, Michigan Tech Fund Accounting