Naming Guidelines

Summary of Guidelines for Naming of Campus Facilities and Academic Units

(In accordance with Board of Trustees Policy 12.1 Naming of Campus Facilities)

Since its founding in 1885, Michigan Technological University’s physical spaces and programs have been named to reflect its rich history and traditions. Guidelines for naming these serve as a reference in determining naming conventions for facilities, spaces, colleges, departments, endowments, etc. for all university properties including those located in Alberta, Ann Arbor, and other off-site locations. Names will be conferred upon the recommendation of the Naming Committee to the University President and with the approval and authority of the Board of Trustees, in accordance with applicable statutes, regulations, and University policy. 

Honorific Naming 

Facilities and academic units may be named to honor the contributions and achievements of an individual, organization, or corporation associated with Michigan Tech

Philanthropic Naming

Naming opportunities for facilities and programs exist to recognize the generosity of individuals, foundations, and corporations whose financial support is valuable to Michigan Tech’s mission and community. 

 Naming Opportunities

  • Building/Facility (new or existing), Laboratory, Conference/Classroom, Monuments, Art, Exterior Feature
  • College/Department/Program
  • Endowed Dean, Endowed Research Institute, Center, Director, Endowed Chaired Professor, Endowed Professorship, Endowed Faculty Fellow (refer to Endowed Academic Positions: Fundraising, Selection, Funding, and Stewardship Policy)
  • Endowed Athletics Coach
  • Scholarships/Fellowships - Named (Restricted), Named (Unrestricted)
  • Named Research Fund
  • Miscellaneous Endowments

The above are required to be reviewed and approved by the Naming Committee. Scholarships, endowed positions, pavers and small exterior features (benches, trees, etc.) do not require approval by the Naming Committee.

A request to name (or to change the name) of any university facility or academic unit must be made in writing to Michigan Tech’s Naming Committee. After review, the committee will arrive at a recommendation by simple majority vote and report its recommendation to the President.

Duration of Naming

Michigan Tech is committed to retaining the name of each new and existing facility, addition, wing, exterior space, street, and outside facilities, bearing a donor-designated name or honorific name. To the extent feasible, the name is intended to remain for the life of the facility regardless of any subsequent change in the occupying unit(s). If the facility is razed at some future date, the University will recognize the honoree in an appropriate way as approved by the Naming Committee when appropriate. Note: Laboratory and classroom naming will be reevaluated every seven years due to the need for heightened maintenance and updating to remain current and relevant. 


When appropriate, the university will provide for the perpetuation of the previous name although perpetuation of the original name in an equivalent naming is not required. Appropriate perpetuation of previous names may include, for instance, a plaque in or adjacent to new and renovated facilities. 

Removal or Revocation of Naming

The University reserves the right, on reasonable grounds, to change, revoke and terminate its obligations regarding a naming with no financial responsibility for returning any received contributions to the benefactor.

Dual Naming

A single facility or space may be impressed with two honorific namings, or may be named in honor of two unrelated donors or may be named under an honorific naming and also in recognition of a donor.  

Modification of Naming

If a benefactor or honoree requests a change to the name of a facility or unit, the university will consider the request. 

For more information, please contact Mary Stevens ( 906-487-2312