Endowment at Michigan Tech

An endowment gift is an investment into the future of Michigan Tech. It is a permanent gift that provides one of the most secure sources of future revenue for the University. Endowment gifts provide vital scholarship/fellowship support for students and funding for faculty and programs. Endowments are the most lasting way a donor can give, benefiting the mission of the University and ensuring excellence in perpetuity.

Ensuring Michigan Tech's Future

Giving Level Generates About The Possibilities
$1,000,000 $40,000/year

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Pays all attendance costs (~$33,000) for in-state undergraduate student

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Covers full tuition (~$39,000) for out-of-state undergraduate student

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Pays full tuition (~$15,000/each) for more than two graduate students

$250,000 $10,000/year

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Cuts undergraduate student’s tuition by 2/3

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Covers half tuition (~$23,000) for a graduate student

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Covers nearly full room and board cost (~$12,000) for undergraduate student

$100,000 $4,000/year


Covers 1/4 tuition for in-state undergraduate student


Reduces student’s costs by $16,000 over four years

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Pays international student’s 

travel expenses

$50,000 $2,000/year

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Handles student’s costs for lab fees, books, and supplies

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Pays for educational experiences such as internships or travel

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Reduces student’s costs by $8,000 over four years

$25,000 $1,000/year

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Cuts undergraduate student’s total loan burden by $4,000 over four years

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Covers student’s field research or travel expenses

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Pays student’s full cost of books and supplies


Pool your gift with others to have a meaningful impact!

Creating an endowment

A minimum of $25,000 is required to start a new endowed fund. Gifts from multiple donors may be pooled together to create an endowed fund.

How do endowments work?

Endowment funds are managed to provide a permanent source of income to support the educational mission of the University. The endowment, a set of pooled assets, is generally composed of many individual funds and is invested in a purposeful and accountable manner in order to generate income that:

  • honors the donors’ intended purposes for their gift;
  • supports the operating budget of the institution; and,
  • is reinvested to protect the value of the endowment against inflation.

How do I create an endowment?

Contact us at 906-487-3325. You may designate your endowment for a specific purpose as long as it is consistent with University policy and state and federal laws. Endowments may be funded with cash, securities, and/or deferred gifts at any time.