Plateau Tuition

Michigan Tech moved to a plateau tuition structure for undergraduate students in the fall 2013 semester.  The plateau is set at 12-18 credit hours.  That means undergraduate students pay a flat rate for a course load ranging from 12 to 18 credit hours.

2014-2015 Tuition Rates

Student Semester
Credit Load
In-State Tuition Structure
(per semester)
Non-Resident Tuition Structure
(per semester)

< 12

$520 for each credit

$1,082 for each credit


$6,870 Plateau Rate

$14,610 Plateau Rate

> 18

$6,870+$520 for each credit 
greater than 18 credits

$14,610+$1,082 for each credit 
greater than 18 credits

Student Advantages to Plateau Tuition

There are a number of advantages for students, with regards to plateau tuition, including:

  • Removes prior financial barriers to earning additional degrees, minors, and certificates
  • Take enrichment courses outside of your current major to broaden your educational experience at Michigan Tech
  • Get a head start on your graduate degree by taking coursework to fulfill requirements of the 5 year Master’s Degree
  • Decrease your time to graduation if you feel comfortable taking additional credits
  • No further need to take online coursework and transfer it back to Michigan Tech
  • Your tuition will remain constant as you add/drop courses and no additional bills or refunds will be impacted