Understanding Financial Aid

All incoming students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will receive an estimated financial aid package for the upcoming academic year. The financial aid package is not a tuition bill, but rather an estimate of both charges and financial aid awards. Tuition bills for the fall semester are posted in July.

Interactive Sample Financial Aid Packages

Below are interactive samples of the financial aid packages that are sent to resident and non-resident prospective students. These sample letters provide additional helpful information and definitions. Please note that these letters are only samples. The type and amount of financial aid each student will be eligible to receive varies depending on their individual academic performance and FAFSA data.

Example Package Letter
Example Package Letter

Additional Information

Please see the information below to better understand the components of your financial aid award package. Please note that if you used estimated information to complete your FAFSA, your financial aid may change once the estimated information is updated.