Financial Literacy

You are either a student or are thinking about becoming a student at Michigan Tech, so we know you are smart.  A big part of being smart is learning to be financially savvy in today's world.  As you take on new financial responsibilities like buying a new car, renting an apartment, or applying for a credit card, you will want all the facts to help make an informed decision.  The Financial Aid Office, in conjunction with the Alumni Association, provides a financial literacy tool to assist you in making sound financial decisions.  CashCourse is designed to be that first step in researching financial questions that you may have. You can access CashCourse online. has posted an article regarding Budgeting in College.  Learn how you can budget in college so you'll ultimately have more spending money.

The College of Business at Michigan Tech offers a three credit class, FIN 2400 Financial Literacy, for students who are interested in learning more about financial literacy and earning college credit at the same time.

The Financial Aid Office is also a great resource for assistance with financial decisions. We can help to get you the information you need and get you started in the right direction.