Rollin A. Jones and James E. Lindstrom Working Families Scholarship Program Funded by the Thompson Foundation

Michigan Tech alumni Rollin Jones ‘58 and Jim Lindstrom ‘69 spent the majority of their civil engineering careers working for Robert Thompson of the Thompson-McCully Company.  Together, they managed and were instrumental in acquiring many Michigan based asphalt paving companies to grow the company’s portfolio. Mr. Thompson’s unique management style of sharing financial knowledge with key employees was a rarity for its time and proved to create a performance-based learning environment. After Thompson-McCully sold its holdings to CRH/Oldcastle Materials in 1999, Robert (Bob) and Ellen Thompson formed the Thompson Foundation largely supporting education.  As Vice Presidents for Thompson-McCully, Rollin and Jim demonstrated superior leadership and a “nose to the grindstone” work ethic which they attribute to their educational experience at Michigan Tech.  Through the years, Rollin and Jim made many trips to Houghton in search of future employees that exhibit those same qualities. Jim recalls, “As the company grew, we would go to Michigan Tech to recruit and hire for needed positions”.  Bob and Ellen Thompson have great appreciation for Tech graduates and their contributions to the company’s success. They have established the Working Families Scholarship in memory of Rollin, who sadly left us in 2018, and in honor of Jim who represents the living legacy of this Michigan Tech scholarship.

Award levels for students who were first awarded the Working Families Scholarship at Michigan Tech for the 2023-2024 academic year and before can be viewed here.

Learn more about the Thompson Foundation that funds this generous scholarship, and how the Working Families Scholarship Program is designed to promote and support student success.