8.2 Ombuds

Details regarding the Office of the Ombuds, including its establishment, role, and officer appointment procedures, are governed by Board of Trustees Policy 4.8.

02/23/2022 - Revised to reference Board policy.
12/03/2018 - Removed appeal process of students complaints following Board of Trustees update 9/28/18.
01/26/2018 - Annual Review: Added the "References" section and the link to the Senate Policy 210.1, Office of Ombuds.
12/08/2016 - Annual Review: No changes made to content.
06/04/2015 - To reflect current University titles, "Board of Control" is now "Board of Trustees".
02/03/2015 - Annual Review: To reflect current practice, the email address for questions is now policy@mtu.edu. No changes made to content.
02/21/2014 - Annual Review: Updated Michigan Tech and Handbook banners, no changes made to content.
12/11/2013 - Revised to be consistent with Board of Control policy 4.8 by adding the last sentence to the first paragraph regarding student complaints; added suspension or termination power in the President to comply with State law prohibiting non-terminable employment; and deleted the Staff council member from the committee make-up as position no longer exists.
03/20/2013 - Annual Review: "Senate Proposal 06-06" now reads "Senate Policy 210.1."
07/19/2011 - Annual Review: Revised to reflect updated Board of Control Bylaws and Policies re-numbering, and current University titles and practice, MTU is now Michigan Tech and the email address for questions is now hbwebmaster.