Faculty Handbook

6.2.3 Leaves/Absences With Pay Approved Absences with Pay

  1. Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical leaves of absence are intended for the mutual benefit of the institution and the person granted such a leave. Sabbatical leaves may be granted to faculty members to provide a period for creative activity to further professional competence. The granting of such leave will in no case be automatic, and each request for sabbatical leave will be judged on its own merit (See "Sabbatical Leave Program").

  1. Absence on official University business.
  1. Military Reserve Duty, Jury Duty, and Witness Duty

Faculty employees who lose time from work during regularly scheduled hours because of military training as a reservist or national guardsman, not exceeding twenty work days per year, or for jury duty or to testify pursuant to a subpoena, shall be paid the deficient difference between military base pay, jury pay or witness fees, and regular pay for that work period.

  1. Other special occasions specifically approved by the President.

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