2.4 Transfer of Tenure and Rank Between Academic Units


Faculty tenure at Michigan Technological University is based in the University and not in a particular academic unit. However, a faculty member needs a designated home department/school for administrative purposes. At times, it may be in the best interests of a faculty member or the University for the faculty member to transfer to another academic unit in the University. At other times, a transfer may be mandated due to elimination, consolidation, or creation of academic units. This document describes the central principles associated with the transfer of tenured, tenure-track, and other long-term faculty between academic units and provides procedures for transfers voluntarily initiated by a faculty member and for transfers mandated by elimination, consolidation, or creation of academic units.


  1. Faculty tenure and rank are based in the university and not in a particular academic unit. A faculty member may not be asked to give up tenure or rank before moving to another academic unit or administrative assignment.
  2. Likewise, departments/units and faculty shall be afforded the same courtesies for transfer of non-tenured, tenure-track faculty and other long-term faculty as for tenured faculty.
  3. All affected parties must have an opportunity to provide input into the process of arranging transfers between academic units before a transfer occurs. Resource issues of the gaining and losing academic units must be clearly addressed and agreed upon by the units concerned.
  4. Selection of faculty is a fundamental responsibility of the faculty of a unit. Hence, before a faculty member is transferred, the faculty in the gaining academic unit must provide input on the acceptability of transfers to its unit. In particular, the promotion, tenure, and reappointment committee should evaluate the credentials of the incoming faculty member, discuss with the faculty member the departmental expectations for achieving promotion (if not already at the highest rank) or tenure (if not already achieved) in that department, and make recommendations to their department regarding the transfer. Any "grandparent" agreements prior to or as a result of the transfer should be provided in writing to the faculty member, department, and the Provost.
  5. Deans must work with faculty members desiring to transfer to other academic units or facing transfer due to the elimination, consolidation, or creation of new academic units.
  6. Any plan to eliminate, consolidate, or create academic units must indicate the proposed new affiliation of affected tenure and tenure track faculty members.
  7. In the event of transfer due to the elimination, consolidation, or creation of new academic units, the Provost must resolve any disputes following a good faith effort to find a satisfactory solution.
  8. The final decision on faculty transfers among units rests with the President.
  9. Current Senate policies regarding financial stress or financial crisis take priority over any conflicting policies and procedures in this transfer policy.

Senate Policy 708.1

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