2.3 Role of Interdisciplinary Scholarship and Teaching

Michigan Tech must play a role in developing both the tools and the understanding needed to build a sustainable future. Sustainable technologies will require complementary, integrated contributions from a wide range of disciplines. Solutions to large scale problems are increasingly beyond the scope of a single discipline. Interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching allow the rapidly expanding base of disciplinary knowledge to be integrated and applied to new questions and situations of global importance. Faculty have a primary responsibility to lead students beyond the traditional boundaries of their major disciplines and their familiar institutions into a wider world of diversity and complexity. Experience with interdisciplinary projects and perspectives helps students find a place in the forefront of pioneering efforts to solve society's complex problems. Interdisciplinary research also provides opportunities for students to carry out innovative projects as members of teams. Collaboration among faculty from different disciplines contributes to a more cohesive university community of scholarship.

Interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching are recognized as having special value within the Michigan Tech community. The University acknowledges that additional time and effort are required for successful interdisciplinary collaboration and is committed to rewarding these efforts. In particular, promotion and tenure evaluations shall recognize interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship as indicators of leadership in going beyond traditional boundaries, and worthy of special consideration.

Senate Proposal 37-95

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