Senior Design, Teams 201-219

Team 201

Advanced Filtration for Flyte Personal Protection System

Team 202

Dry Combat Submersible Regenerative Charging System

Team 203

ECE Underwater Acoustic Modem

Team 204

ITC Cell Signal Measurement Tool

Team 205

Bio-Screening of Toxicity and Bio-Stability for Sampling

Team 206

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Confidential Project

Team 207

3D Modeling of Complex Vascular Anatomies in Anterior Spine Access Surgery

Team 208

Phoenix Haus Panelized Passive Home Mechanical Connection Improvements

Team 209

EMP Mitigation Testing Phase 2

Team 210

Trailer Articulation Sensing System

Team 211

Sampling System for Hypothesized Surface

Team 212

Bone Access and Bone Analog Characterization

Team 213

Substation Transformer Monitoring System

Team 214

Development of an Artificial Intelligence-based Image Segmentation Method for Heart Procedures

Team 215

Hedgemony Online

Team 216

Product Redesign for Anatomical Diversity

Team 217

SICK Lidar Challenge: Autonomous Collision Detection and  Avoidance

Team 218

Hospital Washer AutoSampler

Team 219

Algorithm Camouflage: Obfuscation from Machine Learning-trained Image and Audio Recognition Models