The Enterprise Program

Senior Design, Teams 220-240

Team 220

Thermal Gel and Fixture

Team 221

Blubber Only Implantable Satellite Tag Anchoring System

Team 222

MTU Scaled-down Sanitation Chamber

Team 223

Phase VI Transcatheter Single Ventricle Device Development

Team 224

ITC Battery Energy Storage Scheduler

Team 225

Tube Roller

Team 226

CAD drawing of a power platform

Power Platform

Team 227

Wearable Technology

Team 228

Locomotive Traction Motor Field Service Apparatus

Team 229

Accelerated Aluminum Scandium Dispersoid Kinetics for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

Team 230

Electric Tongue Jack Redesign

Team 231

Effect of Mn Content Variation on Al Welding Wire Processing and
Mechanical Properties

Team 232

Situational Sensor Automated Insertion Suite

Team 233

Forklift Auto Level

Team 234

Development of a Beta Brass Alloy for Co-Extrusion

Team 235

Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Control Curriculum for EET

Team 236

EPS Ball Nut Degrees of Freedom Optimization

Team 237

WAAM Die Components

Team 238

Decreasing Coating System Cost to Performance Index in Steel Fasteners for Pressure Treated Lumber

Team 239

SICK LiDAR Bat Detection Device


Team 240

Advanced PPE Filtration System